My Purpose

The God Sector is a University encouraging the Mastery of Self, Mind & Creation. The Mastery of our Conscious & Subconscious Mind.

Become a Master of the Universe, today. 


Furthermore, with the rise of A.I. and sloth, this is also a growing community for Originators, Artists, and Content Creators to aid in saving one of God's most viable gift to us, our imagination. Whether you believe in the most high or not, we can all collectively agree that creativity is on the decline and being surrendered to another source. Our concurrent objective here is to install peace of mind by knowing that there is a safe haven to exhaust all our possibilities, keeping imagination in fine form.

With that said, Peace to You, keep God in your Heart, Live In Your Purpose, and always Remember: 

Heaven is a State of Consciousness &
There Is No Greater Goal Than Love.

- The God Sector